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Youth Quake 2024

Watch last years highlight reals to get a feel for YQ

Jr. High 2023 

Sr. High 2023 

What is Youth Quake?
YQ is a faith-based weekend featuring
 positive speakers, concerts, seminars, karaoke, events, games and loads of fun activities! The event encourages youth to be all that God has created We are attending the Jr. High on May 10-11, Grade 7-9. 

Where is YQ?

Caronport, SK - 1 hr drive from Lumsden   - 

(20min west of Moose Jaw on Highway 1)

Cost is Free
Thanks to those at Rock of the Valley Community Church we pay for the entire cost of youth quake for anyone who wants to attend. Additional spending money for merchandise or snacks outside of meal time is not covered.

Registration (Group # 16099)
We have set up a Group account on the main YQ website. When you hit the payment screen you are done, we will cover the cost afterwards. 



Text Francis: (306)540-3726

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(grade 7-9)


May 10 - 11

Leaving at 3pm from the Hall

and returning on Sat. at 7pm


Pillow, sleeping bag, toiletries, money for snacks, jacket.


Church/Organization Name: Lumsden Youth Group

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